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Who We Are ?

RapidLane Courier (R.L.C), operates smart globally integrated supply chains. We combine origin and destination logistics solutions with transportation services across all modes and regions of the world.

RapidLane Courier is the Go – To – Global Supply Chain Specialist for companies across all economic value chain. We have honed our expertise with years of experience creating customized solutions that meet the ever evolving supply chain challenges of our clients.

RapidLane Courier was established in 2007 as a courier arm of the United Kingdom Postal Service following the decision of the universal postal union(UPU) at its congress in America, Russia, Spain and west Africa for member-countries to set up courier service as a direct response to the incursion of private courier companies into the traditional domain of the post.

Our global network covers all major markets and we provide a comprehensive range of origin and destination services across 3 Continents,We have access to Global Infrastructure Operating in more than 71 locations in 48 countries, we have access to 241 logistics facilities covering over 9 million square feet globally. With more than 4,600 logistics professionals across the world with local market knowledge, RapidLane Courier is your trusted global logistics partner, backed by a multinational workforce of 1,201 people.
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Ground Shipping

Road Cargo services Across the nation. .

Air Freight

Airship cargo benefits that incorporate the entire globe.

We take an alternative route to a bank system deposit box or storage unit where individuals are able to store valuables at the highest level of security. We are proud to offer ultra-secure storage space that is more protected than your home, and more enhanced than your bank.

RapidLane Courier brand is synonymous with quality service, reliability and operational excellence. We have a strong focus on delivering high-quality services that consistently meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. We constantly measure our performance against established targets and implement continuous improvement programs to drive operational excellence throughout our organization.

We are the quickest conveyance organization. with our cutting edge frieghts we can convey on schedule.
RapidLane Courier Shipping offers shippments everywhere throughout the world, we convey Across the globe.
We have backup client assistance support, you can contact us whenever. we anticipate get notification from you.

Get one step ahead of your competition and reaching your customers with the strength of the RapidLane Courier global network.

RapidLane Courier

RapidLane Courier stands at the forefront of industry innovation. Our expert knowledge, integrated solution technology and global capabilities enables our clients to achieve maximum efficiency when dealing with the movement of their valuable assets.